Spanish brothers Gorka and Ion Izagirre are preparing for their first season with Astana. Ahead of the road season getting underway, the brothers took part in the CX Ormaiztegi cyclocross race in their hometown in the Basque Country. Unfortunately, the brothers went down in a hard crash over a small bridge. Gorka needed four stitches to repair the damage from the fall.

The course featured a bridge with high concrete sides. The ground surface was muddy and rutted so when Gorka went full speed into the feature he appears to catch a wheel in a bad line sending him full speed into the side of the bridge. Ion, who was following closely, was able to mostly avoid his brother but still slammed his shoulder on the opposite side of the bridge.

It’s not the first time the two brothers go down together. At the 2018 edition of Paris-Nice, Gorka slipped out in a corner and hit the deck with Ion caught up from his brothers crash.

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