While enjoying some scenic single track, trial rider Tom Oehler of Austria took an innocent little fall on some rocks on the trail. Oehler has broken two Guinness World Records during his career for the bike high jump which he set at three metres and has the 400 m hurdles on a bike record. The fall looked pretty soft as Oehler landed on a grassy spot next to the rocky single track.

His bike had a less smooth fall. As Oehler went head-over-heels the bike flew over him. It went over the edge and suddenly it was tumbling down the steep grassy hill next to the trail. And it just kept going.

Oehler’s riding companions reaction was surprise that quickly turned into laughter. “Oupala. Oupala. Ouff. You are okay? No the bike. Noooo! [Laughter] We have the video ehh. Will you stop? No incredible, incredible, incredible.” The two continue to laugh as the bike goes flying down the mountain.

The white Syntace had quite the dramatic fall bouncing down the hill until it was out of sight.

Oehler and his friend who was filming the whole thing went down the steep incline to retrieve the bike. After what must have been a good little hike down the side of the mountain, they arrived to find the bike with the chain off but amazingly the rest of the bike was relatively intact considering the sizable fall it endured. The handle bars were even still straight.

The saddle was not so surprisingly broken but the carbon rims where fine, the brakes were still working and the dropper post still did it’s thing.

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