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Watch the crash that put Cav in the hospital

The former world champ left the track on a stretch

There was a terrifying crash on Sunday during the Ghent Six Day, which saw multiple riders hit the deck. British star Mark Cavendish suffered a collapsed lung as well as two broken ribs in a horrific accident from what seems to be caused by a wet patch on the famous Belgian track.

Cavendish was racing the final madison event of the six day when the crash took place. Prior to the race, Cavendish said in an interview that Ghent’s 166 m velodrome, shorter and steeper than the Olympic standard 250 m, was like being on a “wall of death”, and that he was “petrified of it” following a crash two years ago.

As a result of  the very short, and very steep track, when Gerben Thijsen lost control it caused Kenny de Ketele to abruptly veer up the banking. After his maneuver to avoid Thijsen, there was little room for any riders following him to avoid hitting the deck. The Belgian then clipped wheels with Danish rider Lasse Norman Hansen, who crashed right in front of the Manx Rocket. Both riders then careened and slid to the apron.

The Tour de France green jersey champ spent the night at the ICU, but is expected to leave Tuesday.