Watch Tom Meeusen’s massive 80 cm cx bunny hop

Waregem cyclocross games brings one last injection of entertainment to close out the 2019 season

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With UCI cyclocross world championships in the rear view mirror and series’ like Superprestige all wrapped up, cyclocross season is winding down for the year.

Before we fully turn our attention to road racing, though, Soudal Cyclocross Masters in Waregem provided one final injection of entertainment to the Belgian race scene. The event may not be as serious as a World Cup, but it has plenty to offer spectators, with obstacle courses, shorter races on unconventional courses and the always-exciting high jump competition.

Tom Meeusen has always been known for his exceptional bike handling skills, which have helped propel him to the front of the race on some of the European circuit’s most technical courses. His skills were on full display in Waregem, as the Belgian rider cleared incredible heights in the high jump competition. Several rounds after his next closest competitor, Toon Aerts, had tapped out, Meeusen was still bunny hopping clear over ever greater heights. In the end, Meeusen jumped his cyclocross bike over a staggering 80 cm barrier, which you can see in the video below.

Meeusen’s high hop tied the previous unofficial world record, set by Jan Denuwelaere at the same event in February 2017.

Belgian national champion Toon Aerts was the last rider able to hang in with the Hop King, making it through 55 cm before bowing out of the competition when the bar was raised to 60 cm

Meeusen kept going, even after Aerts was out of contention. At 65 cm, Meeusen was still throwing in a little flair to his hop, casually clearing the barrier.

Before the bunnyhop contest, there was a skills / obstacle course set out for riders to navigate cleanly in the fastest time:

It wasn’t all games at Waregem. There was also a men’s and women’s race

Helen Wyman recently announced her retirement from racing, but the British champ isn’t quite done yet. She won the women’s race ahead of Alice Maria Arzuffi and Ellen Van Loy.


Then it was the men’s turn. The rather unique course included a fountain feature, and then this intimidating stair set that looked more like an Urban DH course than anything you’d want to ride on drop bars. Cyclocross is one discipline that regularly features steps, but Soudal Classic Waregem switched it up and sent riders careening down the steps. Even with sandbags, this feature isn’t for the feint of heart.

Toon Aerts redeemed his second place to Meeusen in the high jump contest, winning the men’s race ahead of Michael Vanthourenhout and Laurens Sweeck.