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Why are some Vancouver riders more concerned with Strava over the IRL race?

At the Seymour Challenge, a real race, you won't get a KOM if you win

Some cyclists in B.C. were not impressed that the beginning of the Seymour Challenge was after the Strava start line. The Seymour Challenge is a hill climb that starts at the base of Mt. Seymour road and heads all the way to the top. It’s an annual race that is a fundraiser for the DEVO Youth Cycling program.

The only problem, according to one of the organizers Ryan Cousineau, was that some of the riders are not happy that it wouldn’t include the Strava KOM.

“There’s nano-drama locally because a hill climb I help organize set the start point above the start of the canonical Strava segment for the hill,” he posted.

To recap: you would still win the race. The actual race. But you might not get the Strava KOM. But here’s a gentle reminder: well, you know, Strava isn’t, actually, like, you know, real?

The reason that the race didn’t start at the Strava start line was logistics. The organizers had to set up in a driveway. They couldn’t use a driveway before the start line as it was smaller and they didn’t have permission.

For what it’s worth, Colin Eriks was the fastest man up Seymour, Nadia Gontova winning the overall women’s race.

Unforunately though, since it wasn’t run on the official Strava segment, It. Just. Didn’t. Happen.

You can find the imaginary results on EscapeVelocity.ca