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Why bunny hopping barriers isn’t always the best idea

Check out how not to ride over obstacles

It’s pretty common in ‘cross to see riders hopping barriers, and it certainly is faster than jumping off and remounting. Even though some of the top pros can mount and remount pretty seamlessly, it still takes a bit more effort.

This past weekend, it looked like Quinten Hermans was in the mix to score another CX World Cup victory, following his first ever in Fayetteville, Ark. last week.

Toward the end of the race, as Hermans approached the double barrier, the possibility of a victory evaporated.

Hermans nicked the barrier and went head over heels. By the time he got up he had already dropped his chain, and faded behind the leaders. They say practice makes perfect, so hopefully the promising Belgian will be working on his bunny hops before the next world cup back neat his home, in  Zonhoven, Belgium next Sunday.