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Yes, there are bicycle playgrounds for children in Denmark

In Copenhagen and elsewhere, kids can learn the skills to ride their bikes in safe bicycle playgrounds

A danish child rides their bike in a playgtound

Copenhagen is indisputably one of the worlds best cities in the world to be a cyclist in. Investments over the years in a world leading network of connected and separated cycling paths get people around. In 2016, for the first time in a major city centre bicycle trips outnumbers trips made by cars.

How does a city get this way you ask? Part of the answer may lie in the fact that Denmark has over 10 bicycle playgrounds, one of which is in Copenhagen, to teach youngsters how to handle their bikes, and the ins and outs of riding in urban areas.

Copenhagen bike playground
Photo: Reddit user  MY2200 whose post was up upvoted 14,600 times at of Monday

“This project is a major breakthrough for children’s cycling in Denmark. Through cycling games children get a solid foundation for becoming active and traffic safe cyclists in their childhood, youth, and adulthood. In other words, cycling games helps secure and develop the unique Danish bicycle culture,” explained Klaus Bondam, CEO of the Danish Cyclists’ Federation when the installation took place.

In 2015, ten cities got dedicated spaces for children to ride their bikes and practice the necessary skills. The installation of the parks happened after a trial playground set up by the Danish Cyclings’ Federation in Copenhagen proved popular.

The park had ramps and different surfaces to allow young riders to play while learning how to ride. “Experience has shown that bike playgrounds are a great way to get children to move and be safe in traffic,” Klaus Bondam, head of the Danish Cyclings’ Federation told the Copenhagen Post at the time. “We are looking forward to spreading this concept so that children throughout Denmark can benefit.”

bike playground Denmark
Photo: Danish Cyclists’ Federation

In Denmark, nine out of 10 people own bikes and the city is one of the most cycle-friendly in the morning. About 45 per cent of children ride to school.