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You can now buy cologne that smells just like WD-40

Brooklyn-based art boutique has made a new fragrance, Eau d’Industrie

Who doesn’t love the smell of a solvent? WD-40, that miracle substance that degreases, lubes (sort of) and loosens rusty hinges, is a smell we all know. Although you shouldn’t be using it on your chain, you could be using it on your neck.

MSCHF, from Brooklyn, has created a new cologne that smells just like WD-40. The canister even looks similar to the well-known spray, just a bit fancier. It has the classic blue metal finish and the distinctive red cap.

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Marketing-wise, it’s even got catchy slogans such as “Smells Like The Real Thing” and “Eau d’Industrie.” Just imagine the entrance you’ll make when you show up to work smelling like you just came out of a bike shop!

The cologne is decently priced at US $48, but bad news: they are already sold out. Good news though, they will probably get more and you can email the company to stay in the loop.