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BT 700 dives into 2021 with new Grand Depart date

Ontario bikepacking route plans special sendoff in June

BT 700 Grand Depart 2019 Photo by: Matthew Kadey

After a boom for bikepacking in 2020, the BT 700 is already well into planning its 2021 Grand Depart. Route creator Matthew Kadey has set his sights on a Summer Solstice celebration for the third year of Ontario backroads snacking. Riders will gather in St. Jacobs on June 20 this year, maximizing the available sunlight for more ride time.

The inaugural Butter Tart 700 sendoff in 2019 was a hit. When 2020 forced the event to adapt, it did so successfully. Kadey oversaw a safe and exciting weekend full of riders departing St. Jacob’s and riding – or racing – the scenic Ontario backroads route. If the BT 700 crew can manage that in 2020, you know they have something good planned for whatever 2021 brings us.

BT 700
Boyne Valley. Photo: Matthew Kadey

Of course, you can ride the BT 700 route whenever you want. Record numbers of riders did just that in 2020. But why not take the opportunity to meet fellow riders and share the experience of Ontario’s sweetest bikepacking treat?

Every busy, Kadey has hinted there are more new Ontario bikepacking adventures in the works. So if you’ve already enjoyed the BT 700, stay tuned.

BT 700
Photo: Matthew Kadey

BT 700 2021 Grand Depart

For 2021, Kadey is planning on a June 20 Grand Depart date for the BT 700. As in years past, the route starts and ends in the Village of St. Jacobs. The route remains an unsupported adventure, but the big send-off gathers like-minded riders together for a shared experience.

For riders looking to supersize their adventure, the 1,115-km BT XL also starts and finishes in St. Jacobs. The massive undertaking combines the standard BT route with the Grand Nith Ramble (GNR) for even more trails, including sections following along the Grand and Nith rivers.

Details on the 2021 Grand Depart are up now. If you’re interested in tasting the Butter Tart 700, whether solo or as part of the Grand Depart, join the route’s Facebook community for tips, tricks and to share the stoke! Detailed route info and maps are at BT 700 website.