Epic Tour Mountain Biking Kelso

Photo: Epic Tour Mountain Biking

Kelso, Ontario’s newest mountain bike event the Epic Tour Mountain Biking takes place on Sept. 10 at Kelso Quarry Park. Formerly known as the Kelso MTB Fondo, the non-competitive ride takes place on well-marked trails offering something to cyclists of all levels. The organizers expect to attract as many as 4,000 mountain bikers and road cyclists to the park. The cycling celebration will continue following the event with live music, a free barbecue meal, complimentary beer and industry exhibitors for riders to check out the latest and hottest gear.

Epic Tour Mountain Biking is not a race with riders selecting from the beginner, intermediate or advanced rides to have the experience suitable for their skills.

The beginner ride offers riders a course with fewer technical challenges making it friendly for riders just getting into mountain biking and kids who are just beginning to develop their skills. Only the most basic skills are required with riders expected to have experience riding on grass and gravel. This will be the events shortest route with guided rides available.

The intermediate ride will incorporate a few more technical challenges with riders venturing onto single track and tackling some of Kelso’s hills. This course is suitable to riders who are comfortable on single track and want a fun day on some nice trails. The route is a fair bit longer than the beginner course but sticks to green and blue level trails. Riders should expect to have to navigate trails with routes, rocks and small trail features. It is another course that will have guided rides.

Epic Tour Mountain Biking Kelso

Photo: Epic Tour Mountain Biking

The advanced ride features Kelso’s most exciting mountain bike trails. Technically challenging, participants will be able to explore the best single track the area has on offer with challenging climbs. This is a route for riders who want to test their fitness and technical skills even featuring some bonus lines for riders looking for an even greater challenge. The advanced ride will be the days longest and will have no guided rides.

With guided rides available on the beginner and intermediate routes, Kelso’s bike instructors will help make sure participants are comfortable on the trails giving pointers to help build confidence on the trails. The trails guides will be able to provide pointers and tips to take better lines giving kids and beginner riders a good opportunity to build skills. Parents who want to ride other routes can entrust the trail guides with their kids . On intermediate trails, the guides will help riders build more confidence. The guides will leave from the festival area with times posted.

The cost of the event is $69 regardless of the ride chosen. Over the course of the day, visitors can enjoy live music, participants will be able to refuel with a BBQ meal along with a cold beer. Over 50 exhibitors are expected to attempt giving riders the chance to demo new equipment.

For more information visit epictour.ca/eth-mtb-trails


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