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Answering the internet’s most asked cycling questions

We answer the most Googled questions people have about cyclists

Ever wonder what people wonder about cyclists? People Google all sorts of questions about cyclists. Google autocomplete is a great way to find out what people are wondering about cyclists. The questions people have about cyclists vary widely but are generally valid questions that are worth looking at and answering. Below we answer 10 of the most Googled cycling questions.

Why do cyclists shave their legs

Pro cyclists shave their legs for aerodynamics, and to make the daily massages more effective and comfortable. Shaved legs has become a part of cycling culture from amateurs up to pros. It’s become a sign that you take your cycling pretty seriously and fit into the cycling road culture.

Why do cyclists wear bib shorts

Bib shorts have a chamois that is a padding that makes riding for hours more comfortable. Made from high performance materials, bib shorts provide better moisture management and reduce the chance of uncomfortable rubbing and shaving.

Why do cyclists hate triathletes

Cyclists don’t universally hate triathletes but the two are no doubt endurance sports rivals. Triathletes are the butt of a lot of cyclists jokes because of their split attention to three sports and often incomplete knowledge about the intricate informal rules that dominate cycling culture.

Why do cyclists wear spandex

Tight athletic clothing that manages sweat and sits close to the skin is often more comfortable on the bike. It’s also more aerodynamic and reduces chafing.

Why do cyclists have big legs

The primary muscles utilized in cycling are in the legs. While some riders like GC contenders and climbers strictly reduce their calorie consumption to be extremely lean, others want to promote big strong muscles for sprinting, time trialing and powerful riding.

Why do cyclists wear long socks

Cyclists wear higher socks because they are perceived as more stylish. The general guideline is socks should go no further than the middle of the calf muscles so compression socks are off-limits. The UCI even has a rule for sock height because pros are beginning to push sock height limits for marginal aero gains.

Why do cyclists ride side by side

Groups of cyclists often ride side by side to maintain conversations and for safety. On narrow roads, a passing car often needs to pull out of the lane anyways to pass a group of cyclists so by riding side by side the line of riders is more compact so the pass can be made quicker.

Why do cyclists drink coke

A caffeinated, sugary beverage is one of the best ways to get an immediate boost of energy during a bike ride, especially if you are running on fumes and are nearing a bonk. Coke delivers loads of sugar and a dose of caffeine in a refreshing beverage so it’s one of the favourite mid-ride drinks of cyclists.

Why do cyclists wear gloves

Cycling gloves have padding that help stop blistering and abrasions from hours holding onto the handlebars, especially over bumpy terrain. They also help with sweat management and are protective against the sun.

Why do cyclists wear caps

Cycling caps are a traditional piece of kit that goes back to the golden days of cycling. They are worn to keep the sun off the face and absorb sweat. They are especially popular in damp or cold conditions when they also help keep road spray off the face. Cycling caps are also a stylish accessory. Vintage or fun caps can be a fashion statement even if they are partially hidden under a helmet.