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This hilarious Instagram details some unexpected bike mechanicals

Trench_tales comes from the perspective of a mechanic

A pair of worn out cycling shoes Photo by: trench_tales/Instagram

Many customers come in to bike shops with standard mechanicals—flats, wheels out-of-true or gears that need re-cabling. Once in a while though, bike mechanics will encounter a truly puzzling scenario. Trench_tales, an Instagram account from a user who works in what they describe as, “the dank mechanic trenches of a bike shop on Cape Cod,” documents some of the more unique bikes that come in through the shop.

“The photos were all taken by me,” says Trench_tales.”Just nice to have more people witness the insanity!”

Creative builds

Recently, a shoe posted by the account had riders scratching their heads.

“Two guys roll up – the second looking really awkward on his bike,” reads the post. “First guy says ‘can you help my buddy out here? He’s tired of pedalling on his tip-toes, and is wondering if there’s a better way you can mount his cleats!’ I say ‘alright, let me see your shoes’, at which point he takes them off and hands them to me.”

“I must have stared for two minutes straight – not uttering a word – fully expecting cosmic black holes to open up on the bottoms of those kicks.”

Some other DIY customers have brought in their work, such as this bar tape, which is described as “beautifully twined,”

Meanwhile, a backwards fork has cyclists up in arms.

This customer that rode through tar created a new type of tire traction.

The account also showcases some unique builds:

While staying true to its Cape Cod, Massachusetts root: