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7 spring riding topics you shouldn’t bring up with a cyclist

We made it through the winter but we still have some complaints

It’s finally starting to look nicer out and cyclists are thrilled to be back out there on the road, getting in the early season rides. The being said, there are a few spring cycling topics that you probably shouldn’t bring up with a cyclist unless you want to hear them complain.

1. Dirty road and muddy trails

If you like to keep your bike meticulously clean, spring riding will create a lot more work for you. Even those who clean their bikes *ahem* less regularly, will find that, without fail, the day after they finally give it a good scrubbing they’ll encounter unexpectedly wet and dirty roads.

Steaming Nostril

2. Sore…everywhere

Even riders who spend the winter on the trainer will experience some uncomfortable pains and aches when they get back outside. Riding outdoors means the addition of road buzz, using different small stability muscles, likely different hand positions and tons of other little differences that your body isn’t used to.

3. Allergies

Just when your nose has stopped continually running from the cold, your allergies kick in and the nasal faucet is turned on full blast. If you’re someone who suffers from seasonal allergies you dread the unpleasant realization that your runny nose and itchy eyes have returned. If you’re someone who doesn’t have allergies you dread the unpleasant experience of hearing everyone you ride with complain about their runny nose and itchy eyes.

4. The unexpected weather

Cyclists love to check the weather app, and spring weather kick that obsession up to another level. Will you be able to ride on Tuesday? Let’s check the forecast obsessively for the next two days. Even with diligent weather monitoring, the most planned out spring rides can be cut short by an unforgiving headwind.

5. Their inability pick the right clothes

Unexpected weather means weird layering combinations. Even if you think you’ve planned the perfect outfit for a spring ride, you’ll probably be overdressed or underdressed to some extent.

6. Sunburns and windburns

Paler riders normally have an early spring ride where they are surprised with a red nose that won’t go away even when they warm up. It’s easy to forget sunblock when you’re still wearing leg warmers and gloves. Windy spring rides also lead to windburns, and some very dry lips for those who didn’t remember to bring lip balm on a long ride.

7. Their uncontrollable desire to take advantage of every nice day

While 10 degrees in the fall can seem like a bit of a chilly ride, spring fever is very real, and cyclists who see a double digit temperature forecast in April will do everything they can to get out and take advantage of the sunny day.