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Activities beyond the trainer to occupy your time while self-isolating

Bike related projects you can do at home

If you’re currently social-distancing, self-isolating or under quarantine, boredom may be setting in. There are many ways to occupy yourself during this time, here are a few suggestions.

1. Indoor trainer rides

This is the obvious activity to occupy your time. As a group ride alternative, consider a Zwift ride with friends. Connect the Zwift companion app on your phone and you’ll be able to tease your friends just like in a normal group ride.

2. Sort your spare parts

Get out every spare part you have and lay it on the floor. You might be surprised to see duplicates of items you could’ve sworn you didn’t have.

Once you have it all laid out in front of you, consider what you really need. Which items could you reasonably see yourself using within the next year? Are you holding onto some things for a build that will never get done? Have an honest conversation with yourself and decide what you want to sell or donate in the near future.

Once you go through everything, put it all back in a way that makes sense.

3. Go through old bike kit

Do you have a pair of too-tight aspirational bibs that you bought, wore once, and told yourself you’d keep for when you get down to your ideal race weight? It may be time to let them go. As with your spare parts, get out all your kit and have a long hard look at it. It’s time to say goodbye to those bibs you bought when you first started cycling that feature what could barely be called a shammy. Figure out which items are in good enough state to be donated.

HOT TIP: If you have some sewing skills, keep a few of your ratty old jerseys/bibs. The fabric can be used to patch small rips in your racing kit. It won’t look great but it will do the job.

4. Cleaning and bike maintenance

Spray the derailleur with degreaser before scrubbing it with a brush

It’s spring and your bike is due for a little cleaning or tuneup anyway. Now is a great time to fire up Youtube and learn how to do some basic cleaning and maintenance on your bike. You’ll be surprised how much can be done with the tools you have at home.

5. Time for some fantasy online shopping

You’ve ridden, sorted and cleaned, you deserve a little fantasy shopping break. What bike would you get if you could have any bike? Kill some time drooling over the latest and prettiest on the market.

6. Research any local bike charities that would want your stuff

photo: Kickstand

Ideally after that big sorting activity, you’ll have some things to donate. Most major Canadian cities have community-run bike workshops and will be happy to take your old parts. Some will also accept lightly used kit. Figure out who you can bring your items to once this has all blown over.

Check out Bike Pirates in Toronto, Petit Velo Rouge in Montreal and Kickstand in Vancouver.