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The Cycling Gym announces new web-based training resource

The Cycling Gym Online gives training offerings to those who can't physically attend sessions.

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The Cycling Gym, based in Toronto, has extended its reach to those who can’t physically attend its training programs, thanks to a freshly-launched online service.

That service is called The Cycling Gym Online.

Since 2014, The Cycling Gym—whose founders, Andrew Randell and Steve Neal, regularly feature in Canadian Cycling Magazine—has been a valuable resource for Canadian riders. The new initiative extends their reach, offering Randell’s and Neal’s expertise as coaches and former professional riders to cyclists across Canada. Included among the Cycling Gym’s online offerings are 23 training programs, encompassing both cycling and strength, individual workouts, a wealth of articles and videos, and notably, a new feature called the Forum.

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The Forum, the Cycling Gym announced, is an online domain where riders can closely engage with coaches about their training—and get answers just as directly.

At the heart of the concept, Randell and Neal say, is the idea of getting a clearer understanding about how the type of training that The Cycling Gym offers goes beyond driving up the wattage. “We love running the gym and interacting with folks in person,” the two founders said. “The Cycling Gym Online will allow us to open up to more cyclists, whether it be road, mountain or cyclocross, and get you the information you need to improve and excel as a rider.”

Saying that smarter training goes beyond trying to meet the presumed expectations of what it takes to race, part of the launch, Randell and Neal announced, is The Cycling Gym’s first cyclocross training program. “Many people try and train like they think they need to race, but this isn’t the smartest way to get through a ‘cross season,” they said.

An added bonus is the offering of a free race file analsysis through the Forum, inviting participating riders to get the coaches’ take on their racing strategy and pacing.

The Cycling Gym Online can be found at online.thecyclinggym.com.