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This cyclist found the ultimate life hack to recovering after a long ride

A practical and useful way to save your legs

We all love a good, long day in the saddle. And there’s no better reminder of a hard day at the office when you’re walking up the stairs. That bone-deep ache is a way of telling your body, “hey, you done good today.” But it’s also a sign that you need to rest, recover and get ready for the next big day on two wheels.

Elevating legs, hydrating, nourishment–these are all important things to do once you’re done training.

But those stairs can be a hassle, eh? Especially if you have go to up and down a few times. Thankfully, Fulvio Cubello, a cyclist in Hamilton, Ontario, has it all figured out. His wife, Sue, was a former multiple Olympian and the two of them still ride regularly. And given the fact that Sue used to race at the pro level, you can be darned sure the rides they go on give Cubello every reason to try and repair those sore legs.

And huzzah! He’s done it. Like the famous old training expression goes: “never stand up when you can sit down, and never climb stairs when you can sit down.”