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Watch: How to bunny hop for cyclocross

Learn the tricks to practice in your training to clear barriers, roots and other obstacles on your 'cross bike

Peter Glassford Bunny Hop

Coach Peter Glassford breaks down the bunny hop for cyclocross racers. These tips will help you navigate obstacles and barriers in ‘cross races or in training. Mountain bikers and road cyclists can also benefit from mastering these techniques to improve their riding skills.

The bunny hop is used skillfully by top cyclocross racers, most often to clear barriers. If you can clear low barriers without dismounting you can avoid dismounts which tend to be slightly more time consuming and you keep less momentum when you don’t have to get off your bike.

The skills required to master a high flying bunny hop are the same as those required to skillfully navigate over roots, small curbs and other obstacles. You want to protect your bike and maximize speed everywhere on the ‘cross course so putting in the work to master these skills with pay dividends in your racing and training.