There used to be a time when you just watched your TV. You had a cable package, you could add some specialty channels, and that was that. Then along came Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and Disney+. And on and on and on. These days, it’s become a challenge to figure out which streamers you want, or need, and which ones you don’t.

If you’re a fan of cycling, then you probably know the feeling. There’s an overwhelming amount of content to choose from, some with expert commentary, some without. So in a world of content choice, what is the best avenue for one-stop shopping?

You probably already know of Global Cycling Network. The YouTube channel and website offers cycling videos about racing, maintenance and tech, as well as offering top-notch analysis of some of the biggest races in the world with commentary by the experts.

GCN+ takes the GCN experience and bumps it up a notch. Imagine CNN married ESPN, then adopted National Geographic, Food Network and Fitness TV–except it’s all cycling-related. That’s what you get when you subscribe. GCN+ is the place where you can not only stream the biggest races, including cyclocross, track, and Spring Classics, but you can watch ad-free and on demand docs and shows about pretty much anything you can think of, bikes-wise.

It’s divided into two main sections. Films and Race TV. Which means you can watch all your favourite cycling events, but learn a bit about the sport as well. Hey, who doesn’t like learning new stuff?

Race TV

When you want to watch one of any number of races, from Grand Tours, classics or cyclocross, GCN+ has you covered. Live, uninterrupted and with zero ads, you can watch all the big events with superb commentary and expert analysis. It’s the same quality coverage you’ve already been enjoying–but better.

Multiple areas of interest

The films area is divided into several sections. Their “latest releases” is comprised of the most recent GCN+ original content. Right now, you could choose from a wide variety of films, anything from a deep dive on the legendary frame-builder Mike Burrows, to an inspirational story about hand-cyclist Andrew Paddison, or to epic bike journeys across Iceland. If you want to learn more about Mr. Shut Up Legs himself, Jens Voigt–it’s all there.

There’s also inspirational stories about adventure–you can watch videos of cyclists touring and camping all across the world. Beautiful scenery, challenging conditions, the ups and downs of cycling–there’s lots to choose.

Because science

For the bike geeks, there’s a little bit of everything. There’s hours of shows about the art of frame building, detailed comparative analyses between bikes, or the latest trends in bike tech. If you’re interested in the science of the bike, or training, you’re in for a treat. There’s even shows to watch about cooking for cyclists.

Listen to the pros 

Of course, there’s also a ton of content about bike racing, hosted by some of the best experts in the business. Anyone from former Tour de France King of The Mountain, Phillipa York, or the inimitable Daniel Lloyd, will offer commentary on some of the races you may have already watched on GCN, but want to watch again with analysis you can only get from the pros. Even Magnus Bäckstedt, former Paris-Roubaix winner, will take you down the path of what it’s like to do the classics.


Of course, no cycling experience is complete without a focus on what we love to do: ride bikes. GCN+ comes with a wide array of unique and exclusive cycling training workouts that will be a huge benefit to your fitness. Everything from specialized videos on hill climbing, sprints or fat-burning awaits you. That will make your time sitting on the couch watching videos about the history of cycling that much more enjoyable.

The plus in GCN+ is because it’s taken the GCN experience and gone even further. It’s not the races, the stories, the behind the scenes, but with more thoughtful analysis that is bound to inspire.

Once you subscribe to GCN+ you’ll be getting exclusive content that you can’t see anywhere else, in the form of original documentaries and shows. Coupled with the GCN experience, it’s the perfect add-on.

If you’re interested in subscribing to GCN+ click here.

This story is presented by GCN.