For those of you looking to keep training through the winter, there’s no better time to be riding inside.

Rouvy Augmented Routes
Meet online training groups on real roads from around the world

Rouvy is looking to improve your online riding experience with its new interactive realistic worlds based on real video and GPS data.

Online training platforms have come a long way lately. From boring numbers displayed on a cycling computer all the way to virtual online racing.

Rouvy Augmented Routes
Race real roads with real people in a virtual setting

Rouvy brings virtual worlds to life using augmented reality

Augmented Routes are the next step in online training. Rouvy’s video routes already allow you to ride thousands of famous roads around the world as if you were there. Real time video and geo-located feedback like road gradients fed back through your smart trainer. Augmented Routes brings these video’s to life. Now, you can join other riders from around the world for training or racing within these video routes. A.R. also adds video smoothing, adjusting for differences between your speed and the speed at which the route was recorded.

Rouvy’s new Augmented Routes combine incredibly realistic real world environments with easy to use racing options. You still have all the data you need to make sure your winter training transfers to the road when the snow melts this spring.

Rouvy Augmented Routes
One feature where Rouvy has improved on real life: these cars won’t honk

Want to feel like it was like for Michael Woods to race for bronze at UCI Road World Championships in Austria? Rouvy doesn’t just re-create the training effort and road feel of the Worlds route. It drops you into the Alps via an interactive real-world video, and lets you organize virtual races there with your friends and teammates.

Augmented Routes add 3-D objects to Rouvy’s 2-D video routes

Train online to ride in the real world

The A.R. feature adds to Rouvy’s existing library of 20,000 geo-located routes and 2,000 real world video routes enable specific training to your upcoming season. If you’re targeting a race, ride, or on-bike vacation, you can simulate the exact climb you’ll be riding. This builds confidence for when you have your chance to ride these famous climbs in the real world.

With the new Augmented Routes feature, which is steadily expanding to eventually cover all Rouvy video routes, you can make that training experience even more realistic and engaging.

Rouvy Augmented Routes
Ride GSP-acurate recreations of famous Grand Tour climbs

Real-time races and group rides

Rouvy allows you to organize your own group rides and create your own races. If you want to just plug in and head to say, Passo Gavia in Italy, you’ll be able to see the avatars of other Rouvy users currently training on that road. Just like if you rolled out of an Italian coffee shop and caught on to a passing group ride, Rouvy re-creates the casual community of riders in a new, realistic online environment.

Rouvy Augmented Routes
Rouvy incorporates power, pedal analysis and other key training metrics into its virtual experience

Train around the world with Rouvy’s open platform

On Rouvy, you can ride everything from ride far off iconic climbs to your local streets, European Grant Tours or North American professional racing courses. The new Augmented Routes currently includes the famous climbs of Passo Sella, Passo Fedaia and Passo Giau in the Italian Dolomites, as well as routes in Baaria and the Czech Republic. If you’re looking at rides closer to home, North Applegate, Oregon and South Fork Smith River in California are both included in Rouvy’s initial release of the Augmented Routes feature.

Beyond Rouvy’s Routes

There’s more to Rouvy than routes. Its unique open platform is versatile enough to accommodate your specific training needs. Need to hit power targets? Draw from the cloud library of over 4,000 different predefined and interactive guided video workouts, or create your own. Any content you create can be shared with teammates, and the broader community of riders.

Logging indoor training hours all winter isn’t easy. Rouvy offers fun challenges and gamified features to keep you engaged and motivated. There’s even the added incentive of $20,000 in prizes handed out through the platform every year.

You can gain access to the Rouvy community for a just $10/month. This low monthly membership can be shared with family members, making Rouvy one of the better “value for money” apps currently available.

Rouvy Augmented Routes
Rouvy brings structured training real world video routes

Is Rouvy right for you?

Indoor training isn’t just for time crunched athletes and bad weather days. Indoor training can help you hit fitness targets year-round. With the new Augmented Routes feature, which is steadily expanding to eventually cover all Rouvy video routes, you can make that training experience even more realistic and engaging.

Rouvy’s Augmented Routes feature is new, but the company already has ambitious plans to keep expanding its online training environment. Look for the rest of Rouvy’s video routes to get the AR treatment in the future. There’s also plans for  more developed online racing features, including drafting, official races and customizable models.

Rouvy Augmented Routes
Enjoy real views, and real grades straight from your training room