Canadian Cycling Magazine and Elite have teamed up to giveaway a Direto X interactive trainer. One lucky winner will receive a Direto X trainer, and three secondary winners will receive a pair of Elite Vico carbon cages.

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Elite Trainer Giveaway | 2019


About the Elite Direto X

The Elite Direto X is one of the most powerful indoor trainers on the market. The optical torque sensor and integrated power meter detect power output 1.5% more accurately that its predecessor giving you precise power data for every workout. The ANT+ and bluetooth integration allow the user to seamless connect to all existing training apps. Simply connect to the application and Direto X will handle the rest, automatically adjusting resistance and managing the training session based on your requirements. The trainer will automatically adjust resistance and simulate the most challenging slopes, up to an 18% max gradient and, as it is a direct transmission hometrainer, it won’t skip gears during sprints. The unprecedented quietness levels mean you can easily set up the trainer up at home without worrying about disturbing others.