On Jan. 1, commit to making 2018 the most productive year on the bike. While your resolutions will face the test of time, if you set the right goals and begin making progress towards them you can accomplish more than you ever have. Whether that means loosing a bit of weight, gaining a bit more fitness or just having the best possible time out on two wheels.

Here are 10 New Year’s resolutions you can make that will contribute to helping 2018 be a great one on the bike:

Ride new routes

Beautiful rolling roads.

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While it’s easy to get into a routine of riding to the same destinations on the same roads, challenge yourself to find new routes to take in 2017. Not only will it make your local roads feel fresh, but you may discover a beautiful hidden stretch of gravel or tarmac that will be worth using on more of your rides.

Follow a structured training plan

Instead of just riding for fun in 2018, focus on building your fitness with intervals and structured workouts. Start now with our Zwift training plan and continue into the spring so come the summer you are fitter than you’ve ever been before.

Join a new group to ride with

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While you probably already have a core group of riding friends, expand your network in 2018 by joining a new group to ride with. Whether for a chill weekday ride or a long and challenging weekend jaunt, joining a new group will help you find new and interesting people to ride with. You will probably make some new friends.

Travel with your bike

Wilier Cento10Air

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You probably already have some destinations in mind for riding next year. Whether they are overseas or a couple of hours away, mark off the time on your calendar now and start planning your trip. You will come away with unforgettable riding memories and motivation to keep training.

Ride a new event for you

With many gran fondos here in Canada, a calendar full of spring races and overseas events that are worth making the trip to, commit to riding an event you haven’t done before in 2018. The thrill of taking on an event you aren’t familiar with can be a lot of fun. The new environment and scenery will surely be worth it.

Go off-road

Climbing some steep trails near lake Garda, Italy

It’s never been a better time to get riding on single track, snow, gravel and any other surface you haven’t been up for riding. Whether on a cyclocross, all-road adventure, or mountain bike, go beyond your comfort zone and hone your technical skills beyond the road. You will have a blast pushing your technical limits and challenging yourself on terrain you’ve never been comfortable on.

Introduce a friend or family member to cycling

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Share your passion for cycling with others in your life. It’s extremely rewarding to encourage and support those who are new to the sport. Remember when you started riding how helpful it was to have motivation from someone more experienced than yourself? Be that person for someone else and help them discover the benefits of cycling.

Learn new maintenance skills


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Still don’t know how to replace your chain, adjust your shifting or true a wheel? In 2018, commit to getting your hands dirty and learning how to better maintain your bike. That can start with properly cleaning your bike every week and then tackling small jobs to become more familiar with how your bike works. Getting your hands dirty and fixing your own bike can be extremely rewarding.

Ride further

Did it seem like you were too busy with other things this past year to get in as much mileage as you wished? School, work and family commitments may take up the majority of your time but with a little bit of planning we are confident you can find the time for more riding this coming year.

Bike to work

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Cities across Canada are making significant investments into the local cycling infrastructure making it easier than ever to bike to work. There’s no better way to show your appreciation for your cities commitment to cycling by getting out and using the network. It will also show your friends and community there’s a reason making these investments is so important. While you may be used to taking public transport or a vehicle into the work, get out your commuter and commit to biking to work in 2018.

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