4 yoga routines for cyclists

Whether to strengthen your core or relieve back pain, practicing yoga can benefit your cycling

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Yoga has many benefits for cyclists. Yoga exercises the body and mind contributing to increased flexibility which can help in injury prevention, it can help increase muscle strength and tone, and it can help improve respiration and focus. There are many variations and styles of yoga practice which can be successfully incorporated into your training. These videos can all be easily done in your home and don’t require any special setup.

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Yoga hip opener

This short vinyasa flow routine focuses on positions that will help open up tight hips. It also incorporates some gentle positions that will help stretch out the back as well. It’s a great short sessions if you are combating tightness after a workout or just want to do some gentle stretching before bed.

Yoga for the core

Strong core muscles help on the bike my making your body better prepared to efficiently deliver power into the pedals. Whether you are training for time trials or want to tackle the hills, a strong core will make you more stable on the bike. This sessions focuses on strengthening your core muscles in the lower belly, the abs, hip flexors and your low to mid back muscles.

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Yoga for your back

A tight or sore back can be a real hindrance to your performance on the bike. Successful back-relief using yoga is done using gentle stretching positions and over the long term building up strength to properly support and protect it from future injury. If you are suffering from a tight back or back-pain this session is a good place to start. Even if you aren’t, practicing these yoga positions can help to successfully prevent injury in the future.

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Yoga stretch for cyclists

This vinyasa flow class focuses on stretching rather than strengthening positions. The 22-minute video will help you open up tight quads, hamstrings, hips and lower back. The sessions also incorporates some balancing poses that can help activate your core muscles.

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