Winter arrived with force in Canada bringing snow storms, cold temperatures and perfect conditions for winter cycling, that is, if you were prepared. While you may be eyeing an upgrade in another category, considering adding a bike to your stable that could change the way you ride this winter is worth considering. Whether you live in a snowy city, want to get out on local trails or gromed networks, getting a fat bike could be just the thing you need to take your riding to the next level. If you are on the fence about getting a fat bike, here are five seasons that could tip you over the edge:

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Snowstorms and deep freezes oh my!

Biking in the snow is super fun on a fat bike. The tires are wide enough so that traction is great, and the tires do not sink into the packed snow of the cross country ski trail.

Winter is well and truely here. Riding can be difficult at this time of year but certainly not impossible. Gaining traction in fresh powder is near impossible on most bikes but fat bikes with their massive rubber make it possible to ride through nearly anything. With cold air as well, you likely want to be hidden from the wind and a fat bike can help you ride on trails that otherwise could not be tackled at this time of year.

Get a serious workout

Pedaling through soft snow can be a real tough workout. While you likely won’t be able to stay out for more than a couple of hours, you’ll be able to get some very valuable training in which can be much easier with the sunshining on your face and fresh air in your lungs.

Get outdside

Fat biker riding his bicycle in the snow during Canadian winter

While some see riding indoors as the only way to maintain fitness and ride during the winter, that is certainly not the only option. Commited winter cyclists do it not just out of necessity but because nothing beats actually riding your bike outdoors no matter the weather. By all means keep your indoor training routine but adding some outdoor riding on local trails will be extremely rewarding mentally and physically.

Go off-road bike packing

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Ever dreamt of a backwoods bike-packing trip? A fat  bike is the perfect tool to haul your gear over tough terrain. While you may initially get a fat bike for riding during the winter, it’s a more versatile machine that you realize.

More fun on more surfaces

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While fat bikes are seen as fairly one dimensional bikes only really good for riding during the winter, they are also excellent all terrain bikes for the rest of the year. You can ride some pretty gnarly single track on a fat bike, ride confidently through mud and even get some kilometres in on sandy beaches. Surfaces you thought you could never ride on suddenly are opened up. The added stability and traction is welcome year-round.

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