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Castelli Perfetto long sleeve review

Exceptional versatility for spring riding in the wet, wind and even when it's sunny and warm

Castelli Perfetto

Castelli Perfetto

Cyclists manage to train and race in just about any weather mother nature can throw at them. Doing that has been made more pleasant with Castelli’s Perfetto long sleeve jersey.

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Spring weather can be a particular challenge as riders often face damp conditions, chilly temperatures and cold winds. But spring can also be warm, sunny and downright pleasant with long waited conditions that see fair weather riders reaching for their bikes.

Castelli paved the way for comfortably riding in variable spring conditions with the Gabba short sleeve jersey that provided riders with a water and wind resistant shell. The Castelli Perfetto long sleeve is a lightweight version of this same garment with an improved water and wind repellant finish.

Castelli Perfetto

The long sleeve design means it can handle slightly colder weather than a short sleeve making it perfect for early spring in Canada. The Perfetto’s name reflects the level of “perfection” Castelli aimed for in this long sleeve and they hit the mark making an excellent piece of apparel.

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One of the most adaptable cycling garments in Castelli’s spring collection, the Perfetto long sleeve thrives when the temperature ranges between 15 C and 0 C. Yes, it turned out to really be that versatile.

Riding on a sunny day with the temperature hovering between 11 and 15 C I opted to test the limits of the Perfetto. With a base layer underneath to wick away the sweat from my hard efforts, I was quite surprised not to overheat in the Perfetto while doing short intense efforts. Evidence the Perfetto was allowing my body to breath was found on my phone in my back pocket which was covered in condensation which was escaping the jersey and being stopped at my phone. There are also two zippers on the front that can be opened to allow a more direct airflow through the jersey.

Castelli Perfetto

On a cooler day when the skies were overcast, the wind was gusting and I got rained on mid ride I wore almost the same outfit just opting for bib tights instead of bibshorts and a pair of light gloves. On top, I wore the same base layer under the Perfetto. Despite the difference in conditions, the jersey did an excellent job keeping the cold breeze out and when the rain came down the jacket did an excellent job of keeping me dry. I would reach for a rain coat in a downpour but in the prolonged light rain, it was more than sufficient. The tail flap was also a nice addition to keep any road stray away from wetting my chamois.

When the weather dipped even lower I put a long sleeve wool base layer underneath and headed out. I’d even see myself using it in below zero temperatures thanks to its ability to block out a cold wind and keep out any dampness from road spray.

Castelli Perfetto

The fit of the jersey was very comfortable. The silicon waistband held the jersey nicely in place and there was nice mobility in the shoulders.

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Other features on the jersey include holes in the pockets to allow them to drain of water when the rain is really coming down, a high collar to keep the neck nicely protected when it’s chilly, and a flap over the zipper to make the Perfetto even more resistant to spring weather conditions.

The magenta colour was also very attractive and with six colour ways there should be a model that suits your preference. The Castelli Perfetto retails for $300.