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A Castelli Race rain bag full of gift ideas

Keep your cycling belongings neat and sorted

The Castelli Race rain bag lets you pack a lot in a small space. The internal mesh, zipper pockets keep everything neat. A shoe compartment offers some ventilation to your foot wear.

On race day, know you have everything you need neatly packed away. If you are traveling, fill it with your cycling essentials so you don’t forget anything before hitting the road. Upon arrival you can easily sort through the gear you’ve packed and get in the saddle faster. After a ride, you can keep everything separate from your other personal items.

The bag is deceivingly spacious with plenty of room for a helmet, shoes and kit. With compartments to store snacks, gloves, knee and arm warmers, a multi tool and flat kit, chamois cream or anything else you need for your ride there is plenty of space to fill with you cycling belongings. Additionally, the bag will keep rain off your items when you are getting ready.

The Castelli Race rain bag can help you keep your cycling belongings sorted, the back of your car on race day neat all while keeping your belongings easily accessible on race or when traveling.

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