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Why cyclists make great employees

The traits and habits that make cyclists great contributors in the office


Hiring the right person for the job can be difficult, you know this if you have ever had to do it. Candidates can ace the interview but then months into the job things may go south. Good employees can sometimes be hard to find. How do you know who to hire? If one of your candidates mentions being a cyclist, they might just be the one for the job. Here are some the reasons cyclists make good employees:

We are committed and meticulous

Analyzing power numbers, planning routes, taking care of our bike and our bodies is all a lot of work. It takes time and planning. We take care to eat healthy and nutritious foods, keep a regular sleeping schedule and are dedicated enough to wake up and ride regardless of the weather. Building fitness requires emotional commitment, discipline and there is no hidding when you don’t do the work when you get out on the road. Just think on that for a second and consider how those same traits will be a real asset in the workplace.

Cycling makes us more efficient in everything else we do

Cycling is a sport of small margins. To excel you need to be efficient. In order to fit in our countless hours of riding a week, everything else in our lives needs to go like clockwork. That keeps us focused during the eight hours we are in the office committed to finishing all our tasks before the day is over. Sure it’s in our own self-interest to have everything done by 5 pm to we can meet our friends to ride but it’s also in employers to have people they can count on to get the job done.

We are competitive

Most of us have a competitive streak and it’s not restricted to our sport. This is good in the workplace and because cycling, unlike many other endurance sports, also requires cooperation (think riding into a headwind) we know how to work together to get the job done. Combine those two traits and we are sure to contribute in the office while pushing ourselves and others to be better. View from the rear of a professional woman cycling to work in a city approaching a traffic light intersection in a concept of eco-friendly transport

Cycling improves productivity and health

Exercise before work is proven by science to make employees more productive when they arrive at the office. Our hobby also improves our health meaning we will take fewer sick days and our health care costs will be lower.

Staying caffeinated is part of the sport

After rides we often stop for a coffee, it’s part of the culture of cycling. That means we don’t get into the office slow and groggy like other employees. Combine that with already having done some exercise and there’s no question who will be the perkiest in the morning. Don’t expect us to crash in the afternoon though. Like long days on the bike, we know our bodies and how to manage our energy.

We have time to think and reflect on our long rides

If there is a big problem to solve at work, we have time to think it over during our rides. This helps us to sort things out in our heads before working towards solving the problem. Riding also helps us get to better know ourselves and our limitations.