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Easton EC90 SLX handlebar review

Compact and light to improve your ride

No. 22 Aurora

No. 22 Aurora

The Easton EC90 SLX complimented the titanium No. 22 Aurora frame that it was tested on. It’s light weight, stealth black finish, subtle graphics, compact shape and carbon construction suited how the Aurora was intended to ride. It wasn’t too racy while taking no compromises towards helping bring out the build’s best characteristics.

Paired with an alloy Easton EA90 110 mm stem, the EC90 SLX gave me the right fit and feel riding a bike that expertly struts the line between all out performance, all road versatility, and all day comfort. The EC90 SLX is a compact carbon handlebar that weighs in at 195 g for the 42 cm wide one tested. Carbon absorbs road vibrations much differently than alloy and paired with the titanium of the Aurora it helped contribute to a very pleasing and smooth ride. It also ensured there was no extra weight added to a frame that was geared towards performance.

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The EC90 SLX may not suit all riders. With only 125 mm of drop, those who want more space to go to from the levers will be reaching for something more aggressive. For climbers, those who favour riding on the levers or tops and riders who already have an aggressive position, it’s still plenty to reach down to to get the power out during town sign sprints and to get a sturdy grip for more control on descents.

Easton EC90 SLX

The drop curve is smooth with no flat spots. I tend to ride with my hand as far forward as possible when in the drops and this position allowed me to get low and crank out the power when I was intent on going fast. While other options in drop would be nice, for the vast majority of riders, a compact bar offers the most functional option.

Other specs include 80 mm of reach, a four degree drop angle and standard 31.8 mm clamp diameter. Indents on the outside of the bar allow cabling to run unobtrusive.

The EC90 SLX would make a great addition to any ‘cross bike because their lightweight would meaning lifting the front of the bike in technical sections or on run ups would be easy and their geometry is suitable for the discipline. For those seeking aerodynamic advantages, the Easton EC 90 aero have the same geometry with 35 g extra weight. While the EC90 SLX handlebar is light, after the introduction of the feather weight  EC100is suitable for the strictest weight weenies.

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While not a new addition to the Easton handlebar line-up, the EC90 SLX are an excellent light weight option for top performances, endurance or exploration ride. Though they don’t offer anything notably revolutionary, they don’t need to in order to improve the ride quality and up the build on your bike.

No. 22 Aurora

No. 22 Aurora