We are all guilty of it. Jumping onto the bike and heading out for a ride without checking, then double checking, you have everything you need. The results can be inconvenient, unpleasant and just ruin a perfectly stellar day.

If you don’t have the right tools to deal with a flat tire or minor mechanical you could end up stranded. If you don’t bring the right fuel you could get dehydrated or bonk far from home making the crawl back almost unberable. If you are riding with a group, you could be that rider who always forget their stuff.

If you want to avoid all that you will want to check, then check again, to make sure you have all these essentials in your pockets or saddle bag. That is unless you have a team car following.

1) Spare tube, mini-pump or Co2 and tire levers

Fabric r150

Fixing a flat is probably the most common mechanical mishap you’ll encounter on a ride. Knowing how to fix one isn’t enough, you’ll also need the tools required and a spare tube.

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Do Always have the tools to fix at least one flat tire but throwing in a patch kit and a second tube isn’t a bad idea if you are heading to somewhere a bit more remote.

Don’t Rely on others for tubes and help on group rides

2) Money

Whether for an emergency or just a mid-ride croissant and coffee, always carry some cash with you while out riding.

Do Bring a credit card and cash. It never hurts to be too prepared.

Don’t Ask your riding friends to pay for you and forget to pay them back.

3) Multi-tool

Carl & Rose Bicycle Goods Tool Roll

A slipping saddle or handlebar, a loose bottle cage bolt, a minor mechanical mishap all can be easily fixed with the right tool. Multi-tools are a handy way to have a bunch of useful tools and chances are you’ll put it to use more than once during the season. You’ll be very thankful you brought it.

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Do Bring it on group rides because someone who didn’t bring their’s just might need it

Don’t Buy the bulkiest one with every single tool on it unless you intend to rely on it. If it’s just for everyday riding just make sure it has the tool you need and fits nicely in a pocket or your saddle bag.

4) Identification

It’s important to always carry some form of identification on you when you are out riding. This is even more important if you have a medical condition or allergy.

Do Consider purchasing wristband ID or another way to carry it without needing to remove your card from your wallet every time you ride.

Don’t Leave it loose in your pocket or it could be at risk of falling out when you reach for something else.

5) Cell-phone

Strava Club Events mobile

In our ever-connected world it’s a no-brainer to bring your cell phone with you. It can help you navigate if you get lost and call for help if you are stranded. Also how else are you going to be able to update your Instagram account with your latest

Do Put the ringer on so if someone calls, you don’t miss it. That is, unless you don’t want to be bothered.

Don’t Leave your phone in a pocket where it will get wet if it rains, sticky from your ride food or scratched by your keys or something else in your pocket.

6) Fuel

Clif nut-butter filled bars

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If you are riding for more than an hour and a half you will need to refuel on your ride. Instead of relying on gas stations or café it’s good to know you have something to eat when you get hungry it your back pocket.

Do Bring a banana, energy bars or gels and drink mix to use when you refill your bottles.

Don’t Toss your waste on the side of the road. Secure it in a designated pocket and make sure it doesn’t fly out while you are riding.

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