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There is a Fabric Scoop saddle for every behind

The flat, shallow and radius profiles makes it easier to choose the right saddle for your riding

You spend a lot of time in the saddle and a good perch is important to enjoying your riding but choosing the right saddle can be confusing. To streamline the process, UK company Fabric have the Scoop range which uses a proven classic design that is tweaked for different riders and riding styles. While there is no definitive rule in ensuring you choose a saddle that will gel with your backside, having easy to understand options when it comes to support, padding and shape can all make your decision much easier.

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From above, the Scoop range looks identical. The Scoop is 142 mm wide and 282 mm long. There is also a wider 155 mm version. It has a traditional shape with the saddle widest where your sit bones rest and narrowing to the nose to allow your legs to move unimpeded.

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The saddle is made from three parts. A polyurethane foam covered by a waterproof microfibre sits on a shell made from nylon on most models and carbon on high end versions of the Scoop, and rails constructed from either carbon, cro-mo, steel or titanium. The saddle feels solidly constructed once the three pieces are bonded together.

The Fabric Scoop comes in three profiles with varying amounts of padding and support to accommodate various riders. It’s intended to make choosing your next saddle a litte bit easier. To see the profile differences you have to take a side view of the flat, shallow and radius versions. Each is designed to cater to a certain riding style, position and flexibility.

Scoop Race Flat with titanium rails

Fabric’s flat profile has the most level top section and the least amount of padding. It’s designed for riders who use an aggressive position putting less weight on their saddle and may be moving around on the saddle to get a bit more power through the pedals. This saddle also has a thinner nose and the least amount of support. The flat profile is catered to riders with flexible hips and a low position over the bike.

Scoop Ultimate Shallow with carbon rails

The shallow profile has a more rounded rear section and more padding for increased support, This saddle is for riders using a more neutral position with the handlebars still below the saddle but not aggressively slammed. The saddle is designed for riders who evenly distribute their weight between the handlebars and saddle offering good support.

Scoop Race Radius with titanium rails

With the most padding and the most rounded rear section, the radius is for riders who sit fairly upright on the bike. This position is often taken on bikes with the handlebars above the saddle. The increased support and padding in key ares will ensure riding in a more upright position feels comfortable. As the saddle will be supporting more of your weight, gel inserts are added at potential pressure points to make it comfortable for hours.  The radius saddles are offered in a 155 mm wide model for riders with wide sit bones.

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Apart from the choice in profile and rail material, the saddles come with a range of colour options to suit your bike. The branding on the saddle is subtle and the aesthetics are appreciatively simple making it a good choice for any bike.

Whether you are a racer with a flashy coloured bike looking for a lightweight saddle or a cross country rider with an upright position, the Fabric range of Scoop saddles makes it easier to find the right one for you.