Have you ever been curious who you ride with the most, how many kodos your most popular ride has received or what the most ridden routes in your area are? Strava has collected a lot of data on it’s users who upload their activities onto the platform. Some of that information is available to user for free through Strava Labs. With a little know how you can find insight into your personal riding habits and explore some of the data about you and your friends Strava has made accessible.

Your social habits

While you probably have a pretty good idea who you spend the most time riding with, going to the Strava Labs Roster can show you exactly when and how much time you ride with certain people. While it can only take into account the rides you have both upload to Strava, it will give you interesting insights into your social habits on the bike.

You can see how many rides you’ve done with your friends, how many total hours and days you’ve spent riding together, and sort it all by year or all time. Just don’t tell your best riding buddy they are second on your list.

Most kudos

Do you give as much as you receive? Some Strava users are extremely generous when it comes to giving kudos. Others are completely neglectful. Using data from the Kodos Project I found out that I don’t give my friends nearly as many kodos as they give me. Maybe next time I scroll through my Strava feed I will keep that in mind and like a few more activities to even out the ratio. You can also see which of your followers gives you the most thumbs up, what the discrepancy is between the kodos they give you versus the ones you give them, and what hours of the day your followers are most likely to like your activities. There is also a ranking of your top-50 most liked activities.



It happens all the time that you go out for a solo cruise and come back only to see your friend was riding the same loop but you just missed each other. With Flyby, you can not only analyze the exact moment you popped in a race but also how close you were to bumping into your friend on that post work cruise. You can also view elevation and compare time or distance gaps to riders in events. All you have to do is input the URL of an activity to get analyzing with Flyby.

GPX to editable routes

This one is super helpful if you are traveling to a new area where friends, acquaintances or perhaps even complete stranger have ridden and appear to know some good routes. The GPX to Editable Route application allows you to customize routes that have already been ridden. Find an activity that looks almost right for you, download the file and then convert it into an editable route so leaves from the right departure point or uses a slight variation. Strava’s route building tools are very functional allowing you to build a personalized route using heat maps then download the GPX or TCX file to put on your navigation cycling computer like the Garmin Edge 820 or 1030.


The heat map

The newest update has been the improvement of the revamp Global Heatmap which uses a staggering 27 billion km of data. Read all about it here.

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