The UCI urban cycling world championships made it’s debut in Chengdu, China over the weekend. The event was comprised of three disciplines with rainbow jerseys on the line for each. Cyclists from around the world competed for world championship honours in the mountain bike eliminator (XCE), trials, and BMX freestyle park. The later event is set to make it’s Olympic debut in Tokyo in 2020.

BMX freestyle park

The BMX freestyle park event is contest by rider who try to perform tricks to rack up points by impressing the judges. Riders have two minutes perform as many tricks as they can on a skate park style course of ramps and obstacles.

Elite women finals

Elite men finals

Mountain bike eliminator

The mountain bike eliminator is raced by four riders at a team on a technical urban course. It use to be part of the mountain bike world championships but the event was moved to the urban world championships.

Elite men XCE finals

Elite women XCE finals


Mountain bike trials is an event where competitors try to navigate obstacle courses by hopping around without touching the ground. Obstacles are man-made and natural requiring excellent bike handling skills. Titles in trials were up for grabs in the team, men and junior men 20″ and 26″ competitions, and women’s competition.

Men 26″ finals

Men 20″ finals

Elite women finals

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