POC Gran Fondo Gradient Light Jersey

As cyclists settle in for a summer of bike riding, one major factor that could limit the kilometres is the heat. Not everyone excels when the mercury rises and in Canada that often coincides with humidity. Apart from the proper fluid intake, sun protection and managing your effort in these conditions, your apparel can also help. Enter the POC Gran Fondo Gradient Light Jersey. Designed for the hottest days on the bike, the jersey is highly breathable and intended to ensure the wearer is kept as cool as possible in the hottest of conditions.


POC Gran Fondo Gradient Light Jersey

The POC Gran Fondo Gradient Light Jersey pays tribute to Alpe D’Huez. The famed climb with its 21 hairpin bends has appeared in the Tour de France a total of 29 times. It’s a grueling 13.8 per cent climb that averages 8 per cent with sections at 12 per cent tackled by the pros during the height of summer. The Gran Fondo Gradient Light is for the summer heat and navigating grueling kilometres at low speeds like riders need who climb the famous mountain.

The jersey uses polyester fabric for breathability and lightweight. With mesh side panels and mesh inserts under the arms allows heat to escape the body when the thermostat sores. Riding in hot temperatures at higher speeds you can feel a flow or air reaching your body. Unlike some other jerseys which can feel restrictive when it’s humid and hot, the Gran Fondo Gradient Light does a good job of helping to regulate body temperature. The mesh panels allow heat to escape from the parts of the body that become the hottest and sweatiest when it’s warm out.

POC Gran Fondo Gradient Light Jersey

The jersey has a high collar which not only looks good but provides a snug fit. The jersey sleeve cuffs are also very comfortable with no uncomfortable compression. The jersey has a bit more of a relaxed fit compared to race jerseys which POC really providing an overall comfort that will appeal to everyday cyclists.

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The jersey’s cooling features are complimented by a striking aesthetic. The Octiron Multi Blue uses three shades of blue with the gradient of Alpe d’Huez across the chest. Other nice details are the maximum gradient of the climb which is found on the full zipper and the square on the right side of the back pocket which also shows the climbs length and maximum gradient.

POC Gran Fondo Gradient Light Jersey

The jersey is priced at $145. It’s a solid option for riders looking for all day comfort and cooling in a jersey that is sure to see lots of use when the temperature rises. See more at pocsports.com/.


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