Polar have revealed details on their latest addition to their cycling offerings.The Polar M460 GPS bike computer has been given extensive compatibility with third-party power meters, a barometer-based inclinometer and a smart coaching feature through Polar Flow. The newly announced cycling computer also features Strava Live Segments and Training Peaks’ advanced metrics to better analyze your training and performances in races.

The hardware is found in an all-black compact case with gripped buttons. The Polar M460 will be available in April at polar.com and will retail for US$179.90 and includes a two-month Strava Premium membership.

“Polar’s experience working with professional athletes and coaches helps us develop the necessary technology to make Polar M460 a reliable tool for athletes during various stages of their training sessions,” said Marco Suvilaakso, chief strategy officer of Polar. “Polar’s cycling products have become a staple for devoted cyclists who are passionate about their training and want to reach their goals.”

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To make training more efficient, the Polar M460 can pair with what Polar says is an extensive list of third-party power meters. Additionally, athletes will find they can analyze their efforts with cycling power training metrics such as Training Peaks Normalized Power, Intensity Factor and Training Stress score.

To keep riders connected to their mobile devices during rides, athletes can pair their Polar M460 with their smartphones to receive notifications for incoming calls, texts, calendar alerts and social media updates. To interact with the popular social training app Strava there is compatibility for Live Segments which allows KOM hunting riders to see real-time stats to achieve their fastest times on their training segments. The barometer-based inclinometer helps athletes know the grade of the inlines they are tackling to better gauge their efforts.

The Polar M460 unit also has a water resistance rating of IPX7, a claimed 16-hour battery life and front LED light.

The device is made to also be paired with Polar’s H10 heart rate strap and the Smart Coaching through Polar Flow that allows athletes to do fitness tests to better understand their current fitness and gauge progress during a training block. Training load can also be analyzed through the coaching app to see how a ride has affected the athlete’s body. The Orthostatic test shows the way an athlete’s heart rate responds to training, stress and illness. Finally, the Recovery Status feature makes it easier for athletes to find the right balance between training and rest.

“Polar is no novice player in the cycling game, and we prove that with the introduction of Polar M460 to our cycling product portfolio,” said Tom Fowler, president of Polar U.S. “Cyclists rely on accurate data to not only track but improve their performance, and Polar has used its industry-leading technology, combined with passion for constantly improving cyclists’ performance, to develop an incredibly advanced bike computer. When a cyclist is equipped with data that is not only expansive and in-depth but accurate, they are then equipped to set and achieve personal goals that encourage peak performance.”

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Polar M460 is available on its own for US$179.90 with the Polar H10 heart rate strap for $300 at polar.com in April.


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    Why are you showing US pricing? Especially when Canadian pricing ($299) is easy to find by following the link in the article…I thought this was Canadian Cycling Magazine.

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