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PRO Team Carbon mini pump review

Lightweight, powerful and efficient

Shimano Pro Carbon mini pump

Shimano Pro Carbon mini pump

There is nothing fancy about the PRO Team Carbon mini pump and that simplicity is its strength. When you are on the side of the road and need to inflate your tire after a flat, you want a pump that will effectively get you moving again. This lightweight carbon pump easily secures onto a Presta valve and has the power to inflate your tire quickly.

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The PRO Team Carbon mini pump is lightweight thanks to its slender 22 cm carbon construction. Weighing in at 40-g it is exceptionally light going almost unnoticed in a back pocket though the top of it likely will peak out. It’s certainly portable and takes up little room. If you’d rather secure the pump on your bike, it comes with a bracket with a velcro strap.

Shimano Pro Carbon mini pump

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Extending to 35 cm, the pump pushes a fair bit of air in each stroke and after only 100 reps, it had a 700x28c test tire inflated to 24.8 psi. After four minutes of pumping the same tire reached 85 psi, more than sufficient to get you back on the road. The pump does require some effort to push air into the tire as the pressure gets higher but the valve stays well sealed. It’s rated to a max of 160 psi.

Shimano Pro Carbon mini pump

To secure the pump onto the valve it simply slides on requiring no fiddling around. If you ride in colder weather you shouldn’t have to remove gloves to use it. The handle of the pump was a little small and in warmer temperatures was slightly harder to grip when it became sweaty but gets the job done in a compact package.

Shimano Pro Carbon mini pump

Without a hose, some of the jarring motion from pumping gets transferred to the valve but we never began to loose air in our tests and using it never became frustrating since it was efficient. The pump only works on Presta valves so versatility is limited.

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Despite its lightweight, the pump is well built with a quality and durable construction. The impressions from using the PRO Team Carbon mini pump were overwhelmingly positive. It gets the job done efficiently and is easy to use making it a reliable companion to fix those frustrating flats. The PRO Team Carbon mini pump will get you back on the road and do so with satisfying efficiency. PRO Team Carbon mini pump retails for $56.