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Review: The VéloColour Tube & Tool Dynamite Roll

Pack everything you need for your rides in this elegant roll assembled in Canada by the folks at VéloColour

Sleek and esthetically pleasing, VéloColour’s new Tube & Tool Dynamite Roll is a simple solution to carrying what you need around with you on the saddle of your bike. Easily fitting tire levers, a tube up to 45 mm, a multitool and patch kit, the Dynamite roll became a subtle but ever-present accessory on my main bike whether on my home roads or while travelling.

While specializing in beautiful custom paint jobs for your dream machine, VéloColour also produce functional bike accessories and classic tool rolls. The new sleek cut shape, Voilé nylon and polyurethane strap, and pockets for nearly anything you’d want in your saddle bag made the VéloColour Dynamite Roll a compact but stand out performer. “We wanted to eliminate the complexity of packing your tools,” VéloColour say about the Dynamite which made it’s official debut at NAHBS.

Packing the Dynamite is easy with tire levers and a single 28-32 mm tube easily sliding into the main pocket. A multitool fits in the main pocket which features a divider to keep sharp metal objects away from your delicate tube. In the extra accessory pocket, I stored a patch kit and some money. A valve extender and Co2 cartridge could also be added.

Getting the fold on the bag just right is essential to ensuring it looks neat on the saddle. It took me a couple of tries to figure out exactly how to perfectly organize my roll for it to slip on and be barely noticeable. The new strap works really well and feels much more durable than the leather one’s VéloColour used in the past. It’s easy to manipulate with gloves on a real plus in cold or wet weather, it won’t stretch over time and it won’t absorb moisture like other materials.

The sleek design doesn’t use any zippers that could fail over time and uses minimal velcro which is well placed so it won’t catch or rub on your bibs.

When it came time to fix a flat, I easily navigated the pockets to unpack and find the tools I needed for the job. Once fixed, the punctured tube and all my tools fit back in allowing it to get strapped back on the saddle and me back on the road in no time.

The design is very neat. The black Cordura fabric is durable and the Maharam Vinyl contributed to a clean finish. While not waterproof, the materials which are sewn together in VéloColour’s Toronto shop withstood the elements well. After particularly wet rides I’d advice unfolding the bag to allow it and it’s contents to properly dry.

While functionally elegant, the Dynamite’s main draw was the clean look. The black bag was very subtle tucked securely under my saddle and never became an eyesore. I still had to carry my mini pump in my pocket but that’s a compromise many are willing to make in order to keep their bike looking on point. “It will make carrying what you need for a roadside fix that much better,”  VéloColour say about the Dynamite. “It’s a durable and secure bag that looks equally at home on the back of 1960’s vintage classic as it does on your custom titanium ride or 2018 team race bike.”

VéloColour continuously hit the mark with their beautiful paint jobs but their soft goods should not be overlooked when considering the right finishing touches to go along with your prized steed. The tube and tool Dynamite Roll is currently available in VéloColour’s online shop. Available in black on black it’s priced at $65.