Scott announced the new Centric and Cadence Plus helmets during the summer of 2016. The two helmets are the Swiss companies range-topping offerings with the Centric’s main focus being on ventilation while the Cadence emphasizes aerodynamics. The Cadence is the helmet that was worn by Rio Olympic cross country mountain bike gold medalists Jenny Rissveds of Sweden and Nino Schurter of Switzerland. Australian WorldTour team Orica-Scott also wear the helmet.

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Scott Centric

The first factor when considering what helmet suits your needs is the protection it offers. The MIPS system is designed to be able to move independently of the outer shell of the helmet in the case of an impact to better protect your noggin from rotational forces that could cause brain injuries.

The contact points with your head are managed with a very minimal amount of X-Static padding that is designed with antimicrobial and anti-odor properties. Scott uses a standard dial to secure the helmet in place which they call the Halo Fit System. The system has three positions for where the helmet sits on the back of the head to allow for different fits and making it possible to wear different hair styles such as a ponytail. The lightweight fabric straps hold everything in place with adjustability around the ears and chin to get the fit exactly to your liking.

Scott Centric

The Centric Plus was designed with efficient airflow over the head in mind and to do that Scott have placed two vents across the front of the helmet. These are designed to produce cooling channels and when wearing the helmet it did feel nicely ventilated when climbing at low speeds for extended periods of time. Scott says which the air channels they have managed to design a helmet that is 2.5 per cent cooler than not wearing a helmet at all.

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Scott Centric

With an emphasis on airflow, the Centric Plus is a good choice for riders looking for something to ride comfortably in during the summer. Also adding to the comfort in the heat were the light pads which managed sweat build up well.

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The helmet has also been refined to be more aerodynamic than the brands previous Vanish model for those concerned about getting every advantage they can get. With a claimed weight of 290 g, the helmets heft certainly won’t slow you down either.

Scott Centric

Riders who care about their helmets aesthetics should also be pleased with what the Centric Plus has to offer. It’s not a particular wide helmet and sits nicely on the head with a modern but understated look. The branding is relatively subtle and it comes in five colours so you’ve got options to choose from.

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I found the fit to be quite snug with the small I tried leaving less room than I am accustomed to in similarly sized helmets. Do try the helmet on before purchasing especially if you want plenty of room to fit a cap or a winter hat underneath.

Scott Centric

If you are looking for a high-performance helmet for road or trail riding that is well ventilated, has all the safety features you expect and looks smart, the Scott Centric Plus has you covered. It retails for $260.


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