Shimano has unveiled their latest line-up of performance cycling apparel. Launched in 2016 with the S-Phyre RC9 and XC9 shoes, Shimano’s S-Phyre concept is geared towards maximizing the wearer’s power transmission delivering symmetry between the bike, the movement of the rider and the rider’s muscles. The new line-up of S-Phyre race apparel includes jerseys, bib shorts, skinsuits, gloves and socks.

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The race apparel is designed to help the rider be able to focus on generating power. The apparel is meant to minimize drag on the wearer’s body, deliver more in every gram of material and help the rider be comfortable on the bike. Shimano set out to deliver apparel that would help them build what they call a complete system between the bike, the body and the bodies motion. The pieces were designed with the help of data from bike fittings and studies of apparel on professional riders.

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“S-Phyre is the newest expression of our passion for leading, using everything we know about performance to create meticulously engineered cycling apparel,” said Shimano Europe deputy director softgoods Marco Zaja. “S-Phyre lives up to everything you expect from Shimano and everything we demand from ourselves.”

The S-Phyre jersey features a seamless piece of fabric on the shoulders which is designed to conform to the shape of the rider’s body to reduce wrinkles. The rear pockets have been placed to allow easy access to stored away items. The jersey has a full-length zipper and is available in black or yellow.

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The bib shorts use a winged-chamois that is “shock-absorbing” according to Shimano. Woven leg grippers keep the bibs securely in place and a high-thread count along the chamois makes a smooth point of contact between the garment and saddle.

The skinsuit has a conforming fit and uses a lightweight fabric designed to efficiently wick away moisture. The seamless shoulders help reduce drag on the rider’s body in aggressive riding positions.

The S-Phyre apparel collection also includes a spring-summer glove. With palm and wrist compression, the glove is made to fit tight and has grip to give the rider confident control of their bike. The S-Phyre socks were released along with the footwear and provide cushioning in high-pressure areas. Slip-resistance on the sole and heel of the sock are designed to keep the foot in place.

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The LottoNL-Jumbo WorldTour team will race in S-Phyre apparel for the 2017 season which kicks off in Adelaide for the Tour Down Under on January 17. The team will continue to work with Shimano as they make further product developments. The apparel will become available in select stores by mid-February with the footwear already available.


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