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Stay protected this winter with these pieces from Pearl Izumi

Reviewing inclement weather jackets, bib tights and a cycling cap

Pearl Izumi


Staying protected from the elements during the winter is essential to enjoying your cold weather riding and Pearl Izumi have you covered. With the fleece lined Pro Bib Tight, the Pro Aero WxB Jacket, the Elite Barrier Jacket and the Barrier Cycling Cap the bad weather will be kept out so you can focus on pedaling.

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Good cold weather gear is a combination of three things: protection from the wet and wind, breathability, and visibility for safety out on the road. Pearl Izumi really put an emphasis on ensuring the reflective Scotlite 3M details on their clothing is optimally placed for visibility while the apparel finds the comfortable balance between protection and breathability.

Pro Bib Tight

Pro Bib Tight

Nice fitting and weather protective bib tights make all the difference riding in the winter months. The Pro Bib Tight combine thermal fabrics for insulation against the cold, wind and water protection in areas most exposed and reflective elements in key areas to ensure the wearer is visible.


Pearl Izumi use a patented fabric called Mineral to wick away moisture and dry fast. Combined with the thermal fleece lining, the bibs provide excellent comfort in cold and damp conditions. On cold snowy days, the softshell outer that protects the legs most exposed areas does a good job of keeping road spray and the wind out. That means that instead of your shins and butt getting soaked in wet conditions, you can ride through inclement conditions with confidence. The base of the legs have a flat so you can keep cold air and spray from getting in your shoe covers or boots. The lower leg zipper has an internal flat that keeps a great seal.

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The bibs are also very warm so as the mercury falls below the freezing point, you can rest assured they will provide the protection you need whether you decide to venture into the woods on your fat bike, are a winter commuter, or are just looking to put some miles in regardless of what mother nature has to throw at you.

Pro Aero WxB Jacket


A close fitting and waterproof jacket is a versatile piece to have.  The Pro Aero WxB Jacket is an excellent outer shell in rain throughout the year and in colder conditions can be used with under layers to keep the cold out.


The jacket is also pleasantly breathable for the level of protection it provides, doing hard efforts and in warmer conditions it remains comfortable. It is packable so if the conditions change, it can fit nicely into a jersey pocket. The jacket has a high collar, tail flap with elastic to stay in place and has nice form fit with still sufficient space for layering. The jacket is available in high viz colours like a flash pink and green, and a more understated black but because of the 3M visibility details you can be confident drivers on the road will see you.

Elite Barrier Jacket


The Elite Barrier Jacket is a lighter jacket than the Pro Aero WxB. Instead of a fully waterproofed construction, the jacket is water resistant and provides good wind protection. It is also extremely breathable making it great for cool weather riding. It proved to be very versatile since it provides an additional layer of protection in cold conditions when you plan on riding hard. The fit is a bit looser making it a great jacket for commuting or when you plan on having some bulkier layers underneath.


The jacket has a large pocket on the rear for storage and again features the well placed reflective detailing to ensure maximum visibility. The jacket is available in six colour ways. An ideal piece for unpredictable weather or when your looking for an extra layer on a cold day. With the right under layers, it’s a jacket that can serve you well into the winter months.

Barrier Cycling Cap


A cap with head and ear coverage provides the type of protection welcomed on cold days with rain and wind. The brim will keep rain and snow away from your face while the flaps will ensure the rest of your head is kept warm when the weather is foul. Thermal dry fabric keeps your head warm and dry regardless of conditions.

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The cap also features a slit in the back for ponytails, a nice feature for those who struggle to style their hair under caps and helmets.

See more pieces from Peal Izumi’s collection at www.pearlizumi.com