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Top 5 yoga poses for your back, shoulders and neck

Yoga for cyclists that will loosen up your upper body before or after a long day in the saddle

Cyclists put a lot of strain on their upper body. A long day in the saddle could leave your back, arms and neck tight. To alleviate these sensations that could be holding your performance and ride enjoyment back, it’s important to open up these areas of your body. Stretching and yoga are great ways to do this and these five poses will increase your bodies ability to put up with all that saddle time you are putting in this summer.

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Back, shoulder and neck pain are frequent amoung cyclists especially when putting strain on your body you aren’t use to. This could be after a particularly hard ride, a long day on the bike or when you’ve just done a lot more climbing than you are use to activating muscles that have not been used. Each can putting strain on delicate parts of your upper body. Bad bike fit or position could also be contributing to discomfort and pain in your neck, back and shoulders while riding.

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It’s important to be aware of these sensations and address pain or tenderness when it does occur. It’s a signal your body is giving you. Using these five simple poses chosen by Colin Matthews, founder and creative director of Kula Yoga Studio and avid cyclist, you can target these areas for better performance on the bike.