This four-year-old Hungarian Vizsla sure can shred some gnar. According to the video’s description, Ruby has been riding with her owner Tom since she was a wee little puppy and she’s sure got the hang of bounding along the trails at full speed.

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No obstacle gets in the way of her joyful tempo as she leads the way down the single track in this Morvélo Bicycle Apparel ad. With a dog like Ruby, you will certainly always be challenged to keep up with your riding partner. We’d wager she is faster than many riders.

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Many mountain bikers enjoy taking their dog with them when they go for a ride on the trails. They are dedicated riding partners who never bail out, are always ready to go and can take the fastest line. Just make sure you bring enough water for the two of you because keeping up with your two wheels is hard work for our four legged friends. Ruby has really got the knack for riding with her mountain biker staying right on the wheel or even ahead of it.



  • i challenge your dog to a dual with mine @dexterted knighton on strava..anytime anyplace lol
    4 or 5 year old cattledog mix (rescue), cancer survivor , 2000kms a year , all seasons, 6 koms and countless top 10’s.

  • John Aitken says:

    That’s soo cool…I’ve seen dogs being run by owners in cars…this is great stuff

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