A mountain biker enjoying some nice winding single track through a wooded area in Alaska was quite surprised when he rounded a bend to spot a black bear sitting in the middle of the trail. Using an evasive maneuver that involved slamming on the brakes and tumbling into the bushes before turning around as quickly as possible, the cyclist avoided a collision.

The cyclist posted a video of the encounter on Reddit. “There are better places to sit, bro” posted user pffffhuckit along with the video showing the close call in Kincaid Park in Anchorage.

The cyclist described what happened after tumbling into the brush. ” [I] said some inappropriate words. Slowly dragged my bike backwards. And then sprinted in the other direction.”

The black bear luckily did not react after the rider fell. “It couldn’t have cared less about me. I’ve never felt so insignificant and been glad about it,” the poster wrote in comments.

Wildlife encounters in Alaska are no uncommon. “A 400 pound bear 30′ feet from you is a bit jarring. Most of the time black bears run off but just in my area two people have been killed by black bears this year,” the poster described. “In that park alone there is at least a mama and two cubs.”

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