Finding the perfect mini-pump can be difficult but it can quickly become the tool you are most grateful for when you flat. Whether you judge a mini-pump by its efficiency, ease of use or size is up to you but numbers talk so we went to work testing five mini pumps.

Each mini pump was put through two tests. A 100 stroke test to gauge how much air each pump delivered to the tire and a four-minute test to create a real life scenario for inflating a tire to a ridable psi. The tire we used was a 28 x 700 c Bontrager. We then measured the results using a pressure gauge. The pumps tested where the Fabric R150, the Pro Carbon Mini Pump, the Lezyne Digital Pressure Drive, the Bontrager Air Support HP Pro and the Giant Control Mini Road+.

In the 100 stroke test the pumps with the largest chambers performed the best. The Pro Carbon Mini Pump and the Lezyne Digital Pressure drive led here while smaller pumps were not as efficient. Over four minutes all the pumps delivered sufficient pressure to a tire to be able to continue your ride on. The Pro Carbon Mini Pump was impressive delivering 85 psi to the tire. The Fabric R150 and Lezyne Digital Pressure Drive came next both getting to the high 60s.

An efficiency test isn’t the only metric you could use to choose your next mini-pump as many factors should be taken into consideration like ease of use, size and build quality.

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