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What we are wearing this fall: Sportful Fiandre Norain short sleeve and bib short

A versatile outfit to keep you warm and dry on your autumn outings

Autumn is here and with it comes cooler temperatures and damp weather but there’s still plenty of good riding to enjoy. That means it’s time to pull out the right gear to get the most out of the season’s beautiful riding. Sportful’s Fiandre collection is the perfect place to start for autumn riding offering more insulation, some protection against dampness and breathability so you can still go out and ride hard without overheating. Here’s one of the outfits we’ll be sporting this fall:

POC Octal-X

With lots of ventilation it keeps the head cool when it’s warm and the hard aramid bridge exterior keeps it from getting damaged if it gets bumped around.

Oakley Jawbreaker

To keep sun out of the eyes, few shades beat the Oakley Prizm lens. We are sporting the Team Canada edition released ahead of Rio last year.

Sportful Bodyfit Pro Race Jersey

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Highly breathable with a snug fit and three rear pockets, the Body Fit Pro Race jersey got use when it was warm out and continues to be handy come fall as the under-layer of this outfit. The jersey’s light weight fabric dries extremely quickly and offers ventilation for the hottest of days. In cooler temperatures it’s great for putting under a gilet or jacket because that ventilation is extremely handy to ensure you don’t get damp from your efforts.

Sportful Fiandre Light Norain Short Sleeve

On top of the summer jersey, the Fiandre Light Norain short sleeve keeps the elements out. It’s not a vest but neither is it a jacket. Instead it is a short sleeve versatile over layer which keeps the wind out. In cold conditions it can be used with arm warmers and gloves. When it’s crisp but not freezing cold, it goes over your jersey offering your core a little more protection from the wind. In damp conditions it keeps road spray and light rain out. It’s a piece of apparel that’s useful at almost any time of year but especially during the fall.

Sporful Fiandre Norain Bib Short

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The Fiandre Norain bib shorts offer fleece insulation and damp repellent fabric to keep the wet out. A thermal bib short, they are great for when the temperature drops and your summer shorts are no longer sufficient but it’s still not cold enough for a full bib tight. They fit snug and have a wide elastic cuff. When the skies open up, they ensure your underside doesn’t get soaked and do a great job ofkeeping a cold wind off your legs. With a pair of leg warmers, they could really keep you comfortable into the late fall.

Biemme Canadian Cycling Magazine Cap

Cycling caps are great. Mid-day the rim keeps direct sunlight off the face and the added layer keeps the cold air off the head.

Body Fit Pro 9 Sock

In warm weather, the Body Fit Pro 9 sock is a comfortable choice. Really, they are designed for warmer weather but on a warm fall day, they allow the cool breeze to keep your feet well ventilated. They are a comfortable light weight sock for early fall. When it gets cooler you’ll want to reach for a pair with a bit more insulation against the cold.

Shimano S-Phyre shoes

Our go to pair of shoes though with so much ventilation and minimal protection against the wet we expect to be throwing a pair of feet warmers as the weather gets colder.