Cyclists of varying levels enter the spring with enthusiasm as the weather improves and the wheels of the season start turning. Whether you’ve anticipated the coming of warmer weather all winter by training for hours on end in your pain cave, braved the elements riding outside all winter, took a more relaxed approach staying in shape with other activities or packed on cold weather insulation, all cyclists look forward to those first spring rides outside. There are a lot of different types of spring riders and here’s your chance to learn a bit about them to you can avoid being annoying to ride with this spring.

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The type of spring rider who:


Drops all your friends on the first outdoor ride of the year

This is not a good way to start the year even if you’ve definitely proven a point. That is that you are a showoff and you are no fun to ride with.

Has been doing intense 1 hour trainer sessions but can’t ride 100 km yet

It’s okay to start the season off slow even if you’ve been hard at work training indoors. Maybe hold off on joining your friend’s long rides while you’re yet not in shape.

Did a training camp and is in peak form in April

Peaking for the beginning of the season if you are a pro hoping to win a prestigious spring classic makes sense. For the rest of us, it’s just too early. Holding onto your motivation and form for the rest of the season will be tough.

Gets dropped and uses the excuse that their big goals are midsummer

It’s never a good sign when you need to pull out an excuse and as a recreational cyclist certainly don’t use this one for why you are slow at the beginning of spring. You didn’t reach your over the winter fitness goals. It’s OK.

Trained all winter, either on a trainer or riding in the snow, and is already burnt out on bike

Maybe you’ve been a little too eager over the winter and you already need to take a step back. It’s not a good sign when you are already mentally fatigued of riding and it’s not even June.

Won’t ride above 20 kph because it’s “too early in the season to go hard”

Base miles are important but enjoying the weekend rides is too so push a little and keep up if you decide to show up to group rides.

Has a fancy new race bike but doesn’t know how to use any of the parts on it 

Don’t look like a noob fiddling with your new bike on the first ride of the spring. Take the time to learn about it before heading out with your friends.

Constantly makes everyone stop to adjust saddle height, bar angles, etc. on a new bike

If you have a new bike make sure everything is properly tightened and adjusted before your first group ride. Nobody wants to stop and watch you awkwardly fiddle with your seat every 10 minutes.

Didn’t wash or tune up your bike since last season

Lube the chain, do some maintenance work on your bike so it’s running nice and smooth. Spring noises on your bike are not endearing to your riding friends.

Forgot your flat kit and nutrition

Yes, we know there’s a lot to get used to on the first ride of the year but common, don’t be that guy who forgets everything they need.

Always complains that it’s still too cold out on the ride

It’s spring in Canada, bring extra layers or wear a couple of pieces you can peel off if it’s too warm. If you are going to complain about the weather just stay inside.

Obsessively checking the weather report for a rideable window in the variable spring climate

Spring weather brings showers, snowmelt, sun, wind and cold. You might get a few nice days but don’t hold your breath. Picking the perfect day to ride is hard. If you love if just get outside and do it. What isn’t so hard is having the right gear to make every ride enjoyable.

Ordered a fancy new custom bike that is not ready yet, so you’re making do with the old bike while trying (and failing) to keep it clean for resale

Don’t be surprised when the buyer doesn’t believe your bike is ‘like new, hardly used’ like you’ve advertised. While we are excited for you to get the new bike, the amount you’ve talked about it will make it tough for it to live up to our expectations.

Is just darn happy to be outside riding with your friends again

It’s been too long and being reunited feels so good!

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