Yoga for cyclists: Strength and flexibility session

The perfect 35 minute yoga routine to prepare you for your riding

August 15th, 2017 by | Posted in Health Tips, Spotlight |

Self care and body strengthening can go a long when in preparing you for long days in the saddle and high intensity riding. While weighs and stretching have benefits for cycling, yoga is a relaxing way in which body strengthening is combined with stretching to achieve results that will benefit your cycling. Strengthen and flexibility can help you deliver more power to the pedals comfortably and prevent the development of injuries.

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Instead of trying to treat sore and tight parts of your body after the fact, yoga can be preventative care to the aches and pains that sometimes results from spending long or hard hours on the bike. Furthermore, it’s a great way to unwind and prepare for your next ride.

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The benefits of yoga range from increased flexibility and strength, improved breathing and energy, and protection from injuries. In this 30 minute yoga session, Colin Matthews founder and creative director of Kula Yoga Studio and  an avid cyclist, will walk you through a variety of poses that target different parts of the body. So relax, find a quiet space, roll out your mat and enjoy.