Everything you need to know about training for spring gravel grinders

Coach Peter Glassford breaks down principles, learning and best practices

How to mount your bike for cyclocross

Many new ’cross racers fear landing on their groins during the traditional cyclocross mount. This fear and lack of practice result in slow, inefficient and dangerous movements during races. To improve your mount, start by standing beside your bike, with your left hand on the handlebar and your right hand on top tube.

How to shoulder your bike for cyclocross

Shouldering the bike is not as common as dismounting, mounting or cornering, but is still a great skill to have. You should shoulder the bike when the ground becomes inefficient for pushing the bike or when you have to carry for a long time (for example, up a stair run-up). Your bike can’t have bottle cages if you are going to throw it on your shoulder.

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