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Glenn King finds “Elation” in Prince George

Going big on some classic freeride lines in Northern B.C.

Glenn King Elation Photo by: 6ix Sigma Productions

What’s better than going fast and getting air? For Glenn King, not much. The Prince George, B.C.-based rider does both in Elation.

And, as the title suggest, he’s pretty stoked on it.

Riding at home in Prince George and in the nearby, classic chutes of Farwell Canyon, King goes fast and definitely goes big. With the fall weather window rapidly closing, it was a race for King to hit all the lines on his list. He managed, and with style, resulting in the new film, Elation.

Settle in for classic B.C. lines and a few new features. Then start plotting your own must-ride list for 2021!

Glenn King – Elation

King explains the concept behind his new film, Elation thusly:

“I believe the feeling of Elation is what got me hooked on riding mountain bikes 15 years ago. Back then it didn’t require much more than the wheels leaving the ground to have me elated and wanting more. Fast forward to present day and it definitely requires a little more than some air time to source that same feeling.

Throughout the filming of this video, I was able to experience that true feeling of elation on many different occasions. Building new features, revisiting old ones, and stepping up to some classic lines all allowed me to push my riding while continuing to feed that internal desire that has helped make mountain biking such a big part of my┬álife.” – Glenn King