A cyclist riding on an Alaskan bike path had quite the scare on Monday. The rider was on a bike trail in Anchorage when the aggressive mother moose protecting her two young calves charged the rider. The cyclist fell from his bike into the grass but there was no contact between the moose and the rider.

The crew from a local tv station were in the area filming the aggressive mother moose and her two calves along the Glenn Highway. Residents were warned to keep their space and use caution if in the area.

Andrew Eker, 78-year-old, was riding a part of the trail he was very familiar with when the moose protecting it’s two young charged knocking him of his bike into the grass.

The reporter and cameraman who were in the area filming were about to drive off when they were informed by another cyclist the moose was attacking the rider as reported by Global News. The news crew moved their vehicle between the moose and cyclist.

The news crew went to the aid of the cyclist who at first they were worried might be injured. Eker reported that after a checkup with the doctor, he doesn’t have a concussion but was advised to take a couple of days off the bike.

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