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David Millar Chpt. III Collection by Castelli reviewed

A closer look at David Millar's high-end, understated and stylish clothing line the Chpt. III collection

David Millar released a high-end clothing line with Italian brand Castelli called the Chpt. III collection. The clothing is top-of-the-line, impeccably stylish and branding free. The high-tech materials come with cheeky washing instructions and the chamois feature witty humour that takes a dig at one of Millar’s friends.

Millar said about the line, “I spent my entire professional cycling career dressed as a human billboard. From now on, I want to wear something subtle and understated.”

The collection is composed of the Rocka 1.61, the Jersey 1.21, the Base Layer 1.81, the Arm Warmers 1.91, the Shorts 1.11, and the Leg Warmers 1.91.

Castelli said, “It’s exactly what you’d expect David to want to wear now that he’s retired and can wear anything he wants. It’s very high performance. It’s very stylish. It’s subdued with some not-so-obvious loud and irreverent bits. It’s decidedly high end.”

Have a look at the whole line at chpt3.com