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Phil Gaimon: ‘Please share this when I’m killed by someone driving a car’

YouTube personality is mad law enforcement and the media aren't properly framing the death of cyclists when they are struck and killed by drivers

Phil Gaimon was bruised, broken and bed-ridden after a track cycling crash a few weeks ago but falling in a race is not his biggest fear. Being fatally hit by a car is. A former professional cyclist turned YouTube personality, Gaimon remains an influential figure since he retired from racing pro pivoting to becoming an author, a Strava KOM hunter and starting a series called Worst Retirement Ever.

In a recent video on his channel boldly titled “Please Share This When I’m Killed by Someone Driving a Car”, Gaimon speaks passionately about cyclists getting killed on U.S. roads and receiving more of the blame, from law enforcement and the media, than the drivers of motorized vehicles.

Gaimon recounts one close call he had recently and then urges viewers to portray the facts accurately if he ever gets hit by a car, something that needless to say would be tragic and hopefully never happens. Gaimon finishes by writing the headline for us: “Make sure the headline is correct. Make sure it says, ‘Some asshole was texting or going to fast and ran over Phil in his fucking car.’ Thank you”